75 Healthy Foods That Babies Can Eat Without Teeth

There’s a lot of fear in the minds of parents about feeding solid food to their babies at the age of around six months when they haven’t yet developed their first teeth. 

The seemingly logical question arises in their minds- How can my babies eat solid food when they does not have any teeth? How will they be able to chew it?

Well, their jaws are strong enough to chew the food and they use their jaws, tongue and cheek to process the food. Here is a list of Solid foods babies can eat without teeth.

Since they are sweet and juicy, fruits are generally well-received by babies as well. -Banana -Apple -Orange -Grapes -Lemon


All vegetables need to be steamed and cut into smaller portions as they will not be as soft as fruits. -Carrots  -Beets -Peppers -Potato -Radish


Dried fruits tend to become a little hard due to losing their moisture so you want to make sure they are soft for your little ones by soaking them in the water. -Raisins -Dates -Dried prunes

Dried fruits

You need to cook the meat properly and shred them before giving to your baby. Make sure there are no small bones. -Lamb -Chicken -Fish

Lean meat/poultry

Boiled eggs- make sure it’s properly boiled and introduce the yoke before the whites. Cut them into small pieces.


Homemade goodies help you hand-pick the ingredients thereby creating a nutritional snack.  -Homemade wheat bread -Homemade muffins -Homemade cakes

Breads and baked foods

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