Cloth Diapers: When To Use The Dryer and How To Dry Safely

Many parents who are new to cloth diapering are bewildered by the thought of washing and drying the cloth diapers.

Whether machine washing is recommended and whether they can use the dryer to dry cloth diapers remains one of the frequently asked questions.

There’s a way to safely use the dryer without damaging your cloth diapers. Read on to learn the answers to all your dryer problems.

1. Do not dry cloth diapers made up of wool in the dryer as the heat produced in the dryer can cause the wool to shrink.

Some words of caution for using a dryer for cloth diapers:

2. Use low or air dry settings so as to be gentle on the diapers.

3. Do not use dryer sheets. These sheets usually contain fabric softener and fragrance- both of which are bad for your cloth diapers.

4. When drying PUL covers in the dryer, make sure to read your manufacture guidelines first. Some manufacturers recommend only line drying for covers and using the dryer might void your warranty.

5. While putting diapers with Velcro in the dryer, make sure the Velcro is closed so that the diapers don’t stick to each other and get tangled.

6. You can use the regular heat setting on the diaper inserts, flats and prefolds. As they have neither a waterproof PUL cover nor elastics.

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