Preparing for Breastfeeding Before Baby Arrives: 8 Tips You Need

During pregnancy we all have the desire to prepare as much as possible. You likely spent lots of time researching and putting together the perfect registry.

In particular, many mamas spend so much time preparing for the birth they want, an event only lasts one day!

These same mamas have goals of breastfeeding their babies for at least 6 months, a year, or even beyond. Yet, so little time is spent preparing to reach that goal.

Learning some breastfeeding 101 before baby arrives is going to give you a serious advantage.

1. Learn the basics of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that we expect to be second nature, but actually comes with a steep learning curve for both mama and baby.

After you get over the hurdle of the first 6 weeks, breastfeeding will become second nature.

2. Be aware of common breastfeeding problems in the first week

However, getting to that point is going to take some determination. This is because of the breastfeeding problems that often crop up right from the start.

A fussy baby or baby that seems to want to nurse all the time for hours on end, which is known as cluster feeding, are not necessarily signs of a low milk supply.

3. Understand the true signs of low milk supply

The only true signs of low milk supply are: – Not enough wet diapers – Baby not gaining weight

Another great way to prepare for breastfeeding while pregnant is by gathering all of the breastfeeding essentials.

4. Get your breastfeeding essentials

These include: – Nipple cream – Nursing pillow, like the Boppy – Nursing bras for day and night – Breast pads – Breast pump

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