Berry + Ginger Pregnancy Anti-nausea Smoothie

Feeling nauseous? Hoping you can eat something that doesn’t make you want to throw up? I made this Soothing Anti-Nausea smoothie.

Like most pregnant women, I too experienced the dreaded first trimester nausea. Though there are medications to help with morning sickness, I prefer to use home remedies whenever I can.

My go-to remedy with soothing ginger, fiber rich oats and energy boosting bananas, this smoothie is calming on the stomach and healthy at the same time.

• mixed berries • banana • avocado • nut butter • organic oats • ginger • almond milk


Remove the pit from the avocados.

step 1

Remove the skin of the ginger and cut them in small pieces.

step 2

Wash and prep the berries.

step 3

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

step 4

- Add extra milk/ water as needed to make the smoothie to the consistency you prefer. - Omit any ingredients that makes you nauseous.


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