Delicious Apple + Avocado + Carrot Baby Puree Recipe

Baby Puree is a staple in everyone’s baby home! This apple avocado carrot puree is the perfect combination of flavours to develop your babies’ taste pallet.

Easy to make this recipe into a large batch and freeze in simple ice cube trays for easy reheating.

This recipe will keep your little one healthy and happy with all these nourishing ingredients. 

- avocado  - apples - carrots  - lemon juice


Peel your carrots and apples. And chop into smaller pieces. The smaller the pieces, the quicker they will cook in the steamer.


Place carrots and apples into a steamer or see the suggestions above and cook for 8-10 minutes. Once a fork goes through them smoothly, they are ready.

step 2:

Remove from heat and run under cold water to cool a bit.

step 3:

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