7 Reasons You Might Be Feeling Cold During Pregnancy

I just want to clarify what I really mean when I talk about feeling cold. It doesn’t mean that you are actually coming down with cold or flu.

If you notice other symptoms like runny nose,headache, fever, sore throat or a cough, then it is better to give your doctor a call or even a visit to make sure there is infection.

The more is researched about the more I found that that many moms feel unusually cold during their first and early trimesters.

Also known as morning sickness. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness when it is clearly not the case for some of us.


Just prior to ovulation, your BBT dips a bit, due to the presence of the hormone, estrogen. Once the egg is released, your body starts to produce progesterone, which drives the BBT higher.

High Basal Body Temperature

I remember being extremely fatigued during the whole first trimester . Even though your baby is so tiny,your body is working over time to develop your baby which leaves you exhausted.


According to health line, one of the common symptoms of low blood is dizziness along with pale, cold skin.

Low Blood Pressure

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