6 Signs of Low Milk Supply

The best food that you can give your baby is breast milk. As per WHO guidelines, a baby should be exclusively breastfed until six months of age. 

After that, you should continue breastfeeding until the baby is two years of age.

Such is the importance of breast milk that mothers try their level best to feed this “liquid gold” to the baby.

The general belief is that if the baby starts crying within one hour of feeding, then the baby has not received enough milk.

Constant feeding

If the baby is hitting a growth milestone, then he might require additional milk for nourishment. This does not mean that your milk supply is less.

Sudden change in baby’s feeding habit

The general notion is that, if you have a good milk supply, you will feel fullness in the breast. The breast will be heavy with milk.

Breasts don’t feel full.

Babies suck their thumb for several reasons. Thumb sucking is a way to soothe and calm themselves. Some babies while feeling sleepy tend to suck their thumbs.

Baby sucking the thumb

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