10 Common Breast Pumping Mistakes Moms Make

Gone are the days when mothers used to find alternatives to breastfeeding. Today’s mothers are well aware of the benefits of breast milk and are ready to go that extra mile to feed the baby.

But there are times when you may not be able to feed the baby. Pumping breast milk comes as a boon in such situations. It lets you extract the milk and store it safely until the next feeding.

Pumping breast milk is not without challenges. Here are a few of the common pumping mistakes that new mothers make, and how it can be fixed.

If the flange is of the right size, then the nipple should be able to easily move in and out of the tunnel without any discomfort or pain.

1. Using the wrong flange size

You should always start from a low setting while pumping. Once you are comfortable using the pump, you can slowly increase the suction.

2. Going for high suction

Ideally speaking, you should pump milk until the milk stops flowing and continue pumping for 5 more minutes. This way, you will get adequate milk for a feed.

3. Pumping for a shorter time

Make it a point to pump every 2-3 hours. To maintain a steady flow of milk. If entirely dependent on pumping, mom should ideally pump 8-10 times per day.

4. Not following a schedule

Keeping yourself hydrated not only helps to maintain a steady flow of milk but also keeps you healthy. You can consider drinking a glass of water after every feed.

5. Not drinking enough water

It not only leaves you with less milk but can also cause soreness in the breast. You should always go for good quality breast pumps from reputed brands.

6. Buying cheap breast pumps

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