When Does Baby Wipes Expire?

First off, do baby wipes expire? It depends on the brand that you use. Some mainstream brands use chemical preservatives that makes their wipes last longer without the risk of bacterial growth.

If you are using wipes that use natural preservatives (like Grape Seed Extract) they often come with best by date past which there is a risk of bacterial or fungal growth.

Generally speaking baby wipes can last up to two to three years. So if they don't expire, can it go bad? Here are a few things that can happen to your wipes over time.

Baby wipes mainly contain water and we know that water can easily evaporate and escape out of the package making the wipes too dry to be used on your baby.

1. They can dry out

In order to keep your baby wipes from drying out: – Make sure not to expose them to light or sun. – Do not leave them open and – Reseal them tightly after each use.

Ingredients commonly found in baby wipes are soap and oils. All of these can also break down or lose their potency if the wipes have past their shelf life.

2. They start to become less effective

Just like how you can add water to dried wipes to refresh them, you can add baby shampoo to the wipes to give them a boost. Mix it with water, pour it over wipes and give a good shake.

This issue usually pops up when using natural wipes (with less preservatives) than mainstream wipe brands (stronger preservatives).

5. They might grow bacteria or mold

Whether you see a mold or suspect bacterial growth in your wipes, there is nothing you can do other than tossing the wipes in the garbage.

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