What Should You Say to Someone Just After a Miscarriage?

We think we are doing this for their benefit because we don't want to remind them of their loss.

But what we fail to understand is that the only way we can help them cope with their loss is by acknowledging what happened and be there for them as they mourn through it.

Here are five ways how you can support a friend and help her through this painful episode of her life.

Show her that you care, hold hands or hug her. Listen to all that she has to say. You may not have answers to all her questions, and that's okay.

1. Be there:

Along with emotional trauma, she can be physically exhausted. Loss of sleep, forgoing meals would leave her with little energy.

2. Bring a meal or help with other chores:

Even today, a lot of mothers do not feel comfortable talking about their miscarriage as they fear being shut down. Value her loss, make her feel comfortable sharing her loss with you.

3. Value her loss:

Miscarriage can make us feel like that our own bodies have betrayed us.

4. Reassure her :

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