Weird And Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms

You have probably reached here after looking for ‘very early signs of pregnancy’ or something similar.

I have spent hours looking for some of the unusual pregnancy symptoms before the missed period during my first pregnancy.

I know how anxious you are to know if you are pregnant. To make things easy for you, I have compiled a checklist of all the weird and strange pregnancy symptoms.

I felt like throwing up not only when I ate something, but even the smell of certain kinds of foods annoyed me…which is the next weird pregnancy sign on my list.

1. Nausea

If you are usually indifferent to sensing scent and suddenly feel like you are spotting subtle scents, then something might be cooking inside.

2. Increased sense of smell

The other extremity of feeling repelled by food is experiencing unusual food cravings. Some pregnant women crave for ice, etc., sounds weird right?

3. Food cravings

Your body supplies the required oxygen and nutrition to the fetus. All this extra work can drain you out and leave you feeling exhausted.

4. Tiredness

If you are tracking your cervical mucus, then you might be familiar with the way your vaginal discharge changes throughout your cycle.

5. Vaginal Discharge

This is a very strange pregnancy sign that you can catch on quickly if you are nursing your older child.

6. Change in Breast milk Taste

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