Stopping Hiccups in Babies at Home

Hiccups are very common in infant and babies, and even happen while babies are developing in the womb.

Usually, infants and babies aren’t too bothered by them, and can even sleep through a bout hiccups.

However, in some instances, hiccups can disrupt feeding, lead to more gassiness or spit up, and cause frustration for baby.

One tried and true method for getting rid of your baby’s hiccups is with a good burping session.

1. Burp your baby

There are a couple of ways to do this effectively: – Put baby against your body with their chin on your shoulder and gently pat and rub baby’s back. Try cupping your hand as your pat them instead of using a flat palm – Lay your baby on their tummy across your lap with their head slightly higher than the rest of their body. Gently pat and rub their back

When they suck on a pacifier, it can help relax their diaphragm which will cause the hiccups to stop.

2. Give your baby a pacifier

Gripe water is a natural supplement that combines herbs and water to relieve gassiness and digestive upset in babies.

3. Try gripe water

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