21 Best Hospital Bag Snacks for Mom & Dad for Labor

Staying in the hospital can be a difficult time. The food they serve is not always that great – and it’s usually not very appetizing.

Snacks that have protein such as granola bars and nuts are necessary because you may not want to eat much at all while giving birth–so get those snacks packed up before time comes!

So I put together this list of the best snacks to pack in your hospital bag for mom and dad that are easy to eat, nutritious and will give you the energy to power through labor and delivery.

Nuts can be a great choice because they provide protein, healthy fats, fiber. Dried fruits like raisins or apricots pack tons of nutrients as well.

1.Nuts, Seeds and dried fruit

Pretzels will be a good snack with salty flavor that can hit the spot when you’re feeling nauseous from medicine or pregnancy hormones.

2. Pretzels

Yogurt cups are a good snack during labor because it can give you healthy calories without feeling full. It also has probiotics to keep your tummy calm.

3. Yogurt

This is always great for when you’re feeling peckish or just want something refreshing. Fruit has tons of vitamins and nutrients that moms need after giving birth.

4. Fruit

Apples with peanut butter and bananas give you a good boost of energy. Fruits like oranges, grapefruit helps your feel hydrated.

This can be another option to pack in your hospital bag if you don’t want to carry fresh fruits. These come with an individual serving size and won’t get squished or crushed.

5. Fruit cups

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