Rainbow Fruit Popsicle Recipe

Kids like colorful things and they love anything sweet and cold. I always have a hard time keeping my son away from ice-cream and frozen yogurts.

But they are loaded with sugar unless it is homemade with no added sugar or flavorings.

These rainbow popsicles need a bit of planning / time as compared to the other popsicles due to its multiple layers.

- strawberries - orange juice - spinach - banana - mangoes - pineapple - lemon juice - blueberries


Wash and prep all the fruits needed for the popsicle. Set it aside.


Combine the ingredients mentioned for the red layer in a blender. Pour a tbsp or more so that less than ¼th of the popsicle mold is full.

step 2:

Make the Green layer by blending all the ingredients needed for the green layer. Remove the frozen mold and again pour less than 1/4th of the green puree into the mold.

step 3:

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