11 Natural Remedies For Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy back pain is actually a good sign. It means your baby is growing. It typically occurs when your uterus, which normally resides in the pelvis suddenly moves to the abdomen.

The pain may only affect the lower back or may spread to the butt, thighs, and legs, leading to sciatica symptoms.

If you’re like me, and your back seems to have taken on a gravitational pull of its own now that you’re pregnant, read on for tips for back pain relief.

Regular exercise helps alleviate stress on the spine. Walking, swimming, and stationary bikes are highly recommended.

1. Exercise

Apply a cold compress for up two twenty minutes several times a day for acute back pain. After a few days, start adding heat afterwards to help with circulation and any lingering aches.

2. Heat and cold

Here is an excellent way to incorporate heat theraphy to combat back pain. Simply place this head pad over your back and let it work its magic.

Focus on your posture. Slouching can strain your spine.

3. Work on your posture

They help strengthen your muscles.

4. Pelvic tilts

Here are the steps: 1. Get into a tabletop position on your hands and knees. Keep your arms straight without locking your elbows.  2. Gradually arch your back and tuck your butt in as you breathe in.

This technique from Eastern medicine uses very fine needles on specific pressure points to relieve back pain.

5. Acupuncture

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