6 Different Ways To Fold & Use a Prefold Cloth Diaper

Here’s all that you need to know about the different cloth diaper folding techniques that will make you love prefolds.

Cloth Diapering has come a long way from just a piece of cloth wrapped around the baby’s bottom to today’s Modern Cloth Diapers that give stiff competition even to disposable diapers.

Prefold cloth diapers give you the freedom to customize it according to your baby’s needs without the complications that come with folding a flat diaper.

It can also be called a trifold because it is simply folding the cloth three times one above the other.

1. Pad fold or Tri-fold:

Simply fold the prefold into thirds lengthwise and place it inside a diaper cover. For tinier babies, you can also fold the prefold into thirds breadthwise.

Angel wing fold is one of the most widely used folding techniques because it’s so easy and it is better than padfolds for two reasons.

2. Angel wing fold

1. You can use the Angel fold without a diaper cover by fastening it with a snappi. 2. It stays in its place better than padfolds.

The Jelly Roll is very similar to the Angel fold except that, instead of folding the front half, you roll it inwards along the edges so that the front is rolled in and the back half is still flat.

3. The Jelly Roll:

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