5 Reasons To Take Postpartum Sitz Bath After Child Birth

You are probably wondering what kind of bath that I’m talking about. Interestingly, Sitz bath is a relatively ancient practice that has been used to hemorrhoids, constipation or other perineal discomforts.

A postpartum Sitz bath is a warm (or cold) shallow bath with water just enough to cover your hip. You just sit in the tub for 10 minutes and try and relax.

The big difference between taking a regular bath vs. Sitz bath postpartum is that you only use little water  (about 2- 3 inches).

I felt so itchy, and it made passing stool all the more difficult. Warm water is great for hemorrhoids as it reduces itching and swelling.

5 Benefits of a Sitz Bath: Hemorrhoids

Your doctor will probably give you some pain medications like Ibuprofen. I popped a few tablets for the first two days. After which, when the pain was bearable, I opted for natural pain-relief methods like taking a Sitz Bath.

Pain Relief

Most of us experience some degree of constipation in the first week postpartum. Sitz baths are a great pain relief especially after passing #2.


If you had Episiotomy, you would have some stitches as well. And, there will be blood (lots of them). Sitz baths help keep your perineal area clean which is the key to prevent infection.

Prevents Infection

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