4 Best Non Toxic Play Yard / Travel Cribs To Buy 2022

Best Non-toxic playpens/play yards and travel cribs that are Low VOC, Flame Retardant Free and free of BPA, Lead, PVC and other heavy metals.

As someone who has traveled via air with an infant, I know how helpful having a portable travel crib can be.

Play yards become very essential when your bitty newborn gets older and starts moving, and you need a safe place to put them down while you take a pee break or run down quickly to change the laundry.

The travel crib itself is lightweight but solid and sturdy. Lotus travel crib is also easy to put away.

Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib

The best part about lotus is that it comes with a travel bag that can be used as a carry on luggage during air travel.

Nuna is a popular choice for parents who look for modern yet functional baby gear. The Sena has the central push/pull mechanism that unfolds the travel yard in one step.

Nuna Sena Aire

4 Moms pride themselves for the easiest open/ close mechanism. You can set up the play yard in one push with a single hand. Yes, it’s that easy!

4 Moms Breeze

Baby Bjorn looks very similar to Guava family Lotus in design and weight. The mattress sits on the floor, just like the Lotus crib.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Since the mattress is on the floor, there is no upper weight limit on this crib, you can use this crib safely until your child can climb out of the crib.

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