25 Surprising Other Uses for Breast Milk You Didn't Know About!

Breast milk is indeed a superfood for your babies, and we all know that, right? But, did you know that there are countless other uses of breastmilk, other than feeding your baby?

Whether you have a freezer full of breastmilk or freshly pumped milk after having a pint that you were about to dump, there are ways to use them up.

Breast Milk is rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy looking skin.

Did you know that there is a spa in Chicago, you can make DIY breast milk face mask and enjoy the best skin care treatment at home.


Stretch marks are common during pregnancy. Applying breast milk over the stretch marks adds moisture back to the skin, and helps reduce marks.


Squeeze some breast milk and apply it all over your nipple area and let it air dry. Repeat it how many ever times you want.


While you are half asleep, just rub some breastmilk under your eyes for a free but effective under eye treatment.


It was so nourishing, relaxing, and my kids loved it. You must try breastmilk bath if your baby has any skin issues like baby acne, cradle cap, dry skin or eczema.

5.Breast Milk Bath

This DIY breastmilk lotion recipe is sure to make your skin glow! This recipe is easy to make with few ingredients like grape seed oil, beeswax and Vitamin E oil.

6. Lotion

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