My Top 6 Cloth Diapering Errors

There are times that I preached cloth diapers from the top of my roof and times when I sneaked some disposable diapers under my baby’s bums.

Most of my cloth diapering strategies came from hours and hours of Google and trial and error.

After using cloth with 2 kids I am not an amateur anymore. But it took a lot of testing, trying and stripping to get here.

I admit! I’m not an environment philanthropist. Honestly I’m far from it. My reason to cloth diaper was to save money.

1. Buying cheap diapers:

I hate to spend money on things that don’t add value to our lives. Yes, I’m Frugal! I’m cut-the-tube-into-half and scoop out-the-toothpaste frugal.

Less is not always more! Well lesson learnt the hard way. I miserably failed with my minimalistic approach with building my cloth diaper stash.

2. Not Buying enough diapers:

I was so afraid of using cloth diapers at the night. Now when I look back I don’t know what I was afraid of. Night diapering is all about absorbency and trial and error.

3. Night time Cloth Diapering:

Start out with what you have in your stash and see how it goes. You might experience some leaks, and you might change some bed sheets, but trust me it’s not that hard to figure it out.

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