15 Lactation Boosting Foods To Increase Milk Supply

There are so many natural ways through which you can boost breast milk. The best way to increase supply is by pumping and breastfeeding often.

If you are doing that already and looking for more ways to help your body produce more milk or more nutritious milk then eating a healthy breastfeeding diet is a big part of it.

While all healthy food is right for you, some foods are believed to stimulate more breast milk. Here is a list of top ten foods that are used in many traditional cultures for nursing mamas.

One of the things that my mom made consistently throughout my postpartum phase was soup. There is a reason why your grandma would give you chicken soup while you were sick.

1. Chicken Bone Broth Soup

Broth contains amino acid glycine and proline which helps in building soft tissue and wound healing. Your body has gone through a lot of stretching and pushing during pregnancy and labor.

Fish soup is an essential part of Chinese postpartum care tradition. Fish is an excellent source of protein.

2. Fish and Green Papaya Soup

Contains omega – 3 fatty acids that are essential for baby’s brain development. Green papaya is also rich in vitamins A, C, and E.

Oatmeal is a favorite food to increase milk supply. Oats are full of good protein and essential minerals and vitamins like iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

3. Oatmeal

Barley is another whole grain like Oats that is used in many cultures as galactagogues for nursing mothers.

4. Barley

Barley also contains a type of dietary fiber beta-glucan that can positively impact milk production.

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