Every Nursing Mom Needs These 11 Breastfeeding Essentials

It's amazing how we think breastfeeding would come naturally to us once we have a baby, right? I would look at the picture of a nursing mom and think that seems easy? Just whip and shove! 

The truth is, just like any other parenting skills, breastfeeding comes with a lot of trial and error. Nobody warns you about the sore, bleeding nipples or how gigantic your boobs get.

Let me share with you all my favorite breastfeeding essentials that made nursing more comfortable for me.

Do you know that your breastmilk is an excellent cure for sore nipples? Yes! Just squeeze and apply some breast milk lavishly over your nipples and let it air dry.


Stick a nursing pad to your boobs! Nursing pads are made of an absorbent material (cotton, bamboo, etc.) that you just tuck inside your bra, and it takes care of leaky boobs.


Nursing bras come in wider straps for better support for your chest and back. They also have cups with flaps that open up for quicker and easier access.


I felt more comfortable using a nursing cover while Im out and about. I also used them when I had guests visiting at home while I wanted to nurse but didn't want to miss the company.


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