Easily Green Baby Spinach and Banana Pancakes

These spinach pancakes are a perfect breakfast or snack food for your little growing peanut, giving them the freedom to eat them on their own.

These spinach pancakes are packed with all-natural ingredients with no added sugar unless you want to surprise them with a little maple syrup.

Sweetened with mashed banana and coloured green with fresh spinach, no powders here, just the good stuff. Use this spinach pancake recipe as a base recipe and let your imagination run wild.

- flour - eggs - banana - spinach - baking soda - milk


Put spinach, banana, milk and eggs into a blender, then top with your flour and lastly, your baking soda.


Blend until smooth on medium-high. Don’t over-blend.

step 2:

Once the batter is smooth, heat your pan with a spray of avocado oil to medium-low heat. It takes about 2-5 minutes to reach the right temperature.

step 3:

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