Diapers vs Pull Ups – When to Make the Switch?

As your baby becomes a toddler and gets closer to potty training, you may start to wonder what the deal is with diapers vs pull ups and when to transition to pull ups?

Pull up diapers, more often referred to as pull ups or disposable training pants, are made from the same material as diapers but pull up and down like underwear.

Today, we’re going to unpack the main differences between diapers and pull ups, look at the pros and cons, and help you decide if and when you should make the switch.

Diapers open at the sides and are secured in place by two tabs. Pull ups have elastic waist band designed to be pulled up and down, like a pair of underwear.

1. Diaper vs Pull ups design

Certain brands work better for some kids than others. It depends a lot on your child’s size, and how much and how often they typically pee.

2. Are pull ups as absorbent as diapers?

Pull ups are more expensive than diapers, but the price difference isn’t as significant as you might expect.

3. Are pull ups more expensive than diapers?

Most brands offer four different pull up sizes: – 12m-18m (14-26 lbs.) – 2t-3t (18-34 lbs.) – 3t-4t (32-40 lbs.) – 4t-5t (28-50 lbs.)

4. what are pull up diapers sizes?

Pull ups are probably best used at night for little ones who are mostly potty trained. Otherwise, you will probably run into issues with leaks.

5. Can you use pull ups at night?

Usually, parents start using pull up diapers when they begin potty training their little ones, or around 2 years old.

When to start using pull ups?

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