10 Common Breast Pumping Mistakes Moms Make

Gone are the days when mothers used to find alternatives to breastfeeding. Today’s mothers are well aware of the benefits of breast milk and are ready to go that extra mile to feed the baby.

Pumping breast milk comes as a boon in such situations. It lets you extract the milk and store it safely. Anyone can then feed the baby as and when required.

 If you do not pump properly, then you may not get the required quantity of milk. Here are a few of the common pumping mistakes that new mothers make, and how they can be fixed.

If the flange is not of the right size, you may not be able to extract the required quantity of breast milk. Using flanges of the wrong size is like fitting in a wrong sized bra.

Using the wrong flange size

The high suction can sometimes cause inflammation in the breast, making it even more difficult to pump milk.

Going for high suction

By doing so, you may be able to finish the job fast, but you may not get the required quantity of milk. This can eventually affect milk production.

Pumping for a shorter time

If you do not maintain a schedule while pumping, or skip a session, your hormones will trigger the body to produce less milk.

Not following a schedule

Keeping yourself hydrated not only helps to maintain a steady flow of milk but also keeps you healthy.

Not drinking enough water

Like any other product, cheap breast pumps can do more harm than good. It not only leaves you with less milk but can also cause soreness in the breast.

Buying cheap breast pumps

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