My 6 Cloth Diapering Mistakes

There are times that I preached cloth diapers from the top of my roof and times when I sneaked some disposable diapers under my baby’s bums.

Most of my cloth diapering strategies came from hours and hours of Google and trial and error.

But it took a lot of testing, trying, and stripping to get here. I am sharing with you all the mistakes that I made that hopefully give you a better start with a cloth.

The main reason I went for cheap diapers is because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to convince my husband for cloth diapers.

1. Buying cheap diapers

Less is not always more! Well lesson learnt the hard way. I miserably failed with my minimalistic approach with building my cloth diaper stash.

2. Not Buying enough diapers

Because the less diapers you have the more they get laundered. I also found myself buying a box of disposable diapers just in case I ran out of diapers.

Night diapering is all about absorbency and trial and error. Start out with what you have in your stash and see how it goes.

3. Night time Cloth Diapering

I think that was a starting trouble. I needed a push. So here’s a little push from me if your having the same dilemma about cloth diapering your newborn.

4. Not cloth diapering from start

Coconut oil is an amazing and effective eczema treatment. It’s widely available, easy to use and super safe for babies!

5. Microfibre Inserts

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