10 Must Have Cloth Diaper Accessories

Must have cloth diaper accessories that will help make cloth diapering easy plus a few other products that are nice to have!

Modern cloth diapering has come a long way than what our grandmothers were used to- no more plastic pants and poking babies with pins.

While cloth diapering accessories are awesome, please know that they are not necessary to cloth diaper. So, don’t feel overwhelmed thinking that you need to buy all the things listed here.

Disposable diaper wipes have so many harmful ingredients that can severely impact your baby’s skin. Some babies react horribly after using disposable wipes.

1. Cloth wipes

If you have some sewing skills, you can make DIY cloth wipes from receiving blankets. You don’t necessarily have to buy cloth wipes; you can choose to use baby wash clothes instead.

When you use cloth wipes, you will need some wipe solution to wet your wipes. While plain water from the tap works, some prefer to use cloth wipe solutions for clean baby’s bum.


A diaper sprayer is a powerful sprayer that sprays the poop in the toilet. It makes your life easier when your baby starts eating solids and is in a peanut butter poop stage.


I use a spray shield when I use my diaper sprayer. Because I have no sense of direction and I am fully capable of spraying my entire bathroom with poop when using a sprayer.


Liners are another must have cloth diaper product, especially when you are traveling or using cloth diapers at daycares. Liners can be disposable or reusable.


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