Breastfeeding Preparation Before Baby Arrives: 8 Tips

Taking the time to arm yourself with breastfeeding knowledge, resources, and essentials will go a long way in meeting your nursing goals. 

These same mamas have goals of breastfeeding their babies for at least 6 months, a year, or even beyond. Yet, so little time is spent preparing to reach that goal.

Here you'll find the best advice for preparing for breastfeeding before baby arrives.

Breastfeeding is something that we expect to be second nature, but actually comes with a steep learning curve for both mama and baby.

Learn the basics of breastfeeding

-Cradle hold -Crossover hold -Football hold -Laid-back position -Side-lying position -Upright breastfeeding

The most common breastfeeding positions are:

Getting to that point is going to take some determination. This is because of the breastfeeding problems that often crop up right from the start.

Be aware of common breastfeeding problems in the first week

-Breast engorgement -Clogged milk ducts -Sore nipples -Tongue ties

Breastfeeding problems like:

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