6 Common Breastfeeding Positions Every Mom Needs To Know

Learning about all of the different breastfeeding positions, how to do them, and what breastfeeding positions to use in certain situations is so helpful for any new or expecting mama.

There are lots of different ways to feed your baby at the breast, and finding the position that is most comfortable for you and baby can make a big difference in your breastfeeding journey.

When it comes to nursing your baby, these are the six most common positions used by mamas around the world.

In the cradle hold, baby is lying on their side across your lap or supported by a pillow that brings them level to your breast.

Cradle hold

The crossover hold, or  cross-cradle hold, is the perfect position for newborns and new breastfeeding mamas because it gives you the best control over positioning baby's head for a good latch.

Crossover hold

This is an excellent position for newborns because it gives you great control over encouraging a good latch, and newborns like the snug positioning.

Football hold

This position is another great one for the early days of nursing because it really promotes a deep latch and allows for skin-to-skin bonding.

Laid-back position

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