A Step-by-Step Guide for Perfect Diaper Cream Application

Giving your baby a regular diaper free time and applying diaper cream in some form or the other is a sure way to keep diaper rashes at bay.

The diaper area is exposed to acidic wastes constantly and is prone to develop redness, itchiness and all these initial symptoms when left untreated can turn into a severe diaper rash.

Although applying diaper cream on every diaper changes in uncalled for. But, be sure to apply to start applying cream when you see some starting signs of diaper rash.

When it’s time for a diaper change, gather all the required supplies. Many have a dedicated diaper changing area loaded with all the essentials in a diaper caddy.

1. Gather supplies:

If you are putting your baby on the change table, make sure to strap the baby secure.

2. Place the Baby in a Safe Place

We did not have a change table, so all our diaper changes happened in the crib, on the bed or the floor over a play mat.

Remove the dirty diaper from your baby’s bum and keep the soiled diaper far away from baby’s arms reach. Better yet, discard the diaper immediately.

3. Remove the Dirty Diaper

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