9 Natural Treatments for Baby Gas

The screaming pain, arching back, scrunched up legs, excessive burping and passing gas­­–there’s nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain due to trapped gas.

Baby gas pains are common in infants, and I know that if you’ve got a fussy baby, you just want to help them feel better.

Here we’re going to talk about a number of home remedies for gas including: gas drops, how to burp effectively, choosing the right bottle, bicycling baby’s legs, baby massage, and more.

Gas drops contain simethicone which works to break up gas bubbles in your baby’s stomach.

Gas drops

Gripe water is a supplement made with water and natural herbs known to aid in digestion such as fennel, ginger, and dill seed oil.

Gripe water and herbal teas

You may be able to relieve your baby’s gas by putting them on their stomachs. This can be done with tummy time or by doing the colic carry.

Tummy time and the colic carry

Most of these options aim to reduce the amount of air that your baby can swallow during a feeding. Many try to mimic breastfeeding as best as possible.

Choosing the right bottle

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