9 Natural Remedies To Ease Baby Gas Pains

The screaming pain, arching back, scrunched up legs, excessive burping and passing gas­­ - there’s nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain due to trapped gas.

Figuring out what’s causing your baby’s gas is half the battle, but no matter the root cause, these natural ways to easy baby gas pains will help.

I recommend trying out a few things first and see what works for your baby. Remember that in a lot of ways, gassiness in babies is normal!

Gas drops contain simethicone which works to break up gas bubbles in your baby’s stomach. Usually mixed in with breastmilk, formula, or a bit of water.

1. Gas drops

Gripe water is a supplement made with water and natural herbs known to aid in digestion such as fennel, ginger, and dill seed oil.

2. Gripe water and herbal teas

The baby is laid across your knees or laid on their tummy on your forearm. The gentle pressure on their stomach can help get their gas moving and provide relief.

3. Tummy time and the colic carry

If your baby seems to get very gassy after eating or seems to swallow a lot of air during a feeding session, try to burp them frequently.

4. Burping

If your baby is bottle fed, you might want to switch to a bottle that’s designed to help with gassiness and prevent colic.

5. Choosing the right bottle

Nothing helped my babies when they were gassy better than a warm bath. The incline of their bath lounger and the warm water seemed to provide relaxing relief every time.

6. Draw a warm bath

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All material provided is for your information only and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Please consult your doctor.