7 Reasons Your Toddler NEEDS A Detox Bath (How To Give One)

Detox baths are an easy effective and natural way to help get rid of the toxic accumulation in the body. Detox bath has various benefits for kids of all age.

While detox baths can provide great relief when your babies are sick, you can give them a detox bath regularly to boost their immune system.

While it is essential to reduce chemical exposure by choosing non-toxic products, it is also equally important to help their little bodies eliminate toxins from time to time.

1. A warm detox bath can provide congestion relief when our little ones are down with a cold. Diffusing essential oils like Lemon oil can help fight cold.

7 Reasons To Give Detox Bath For Kids

2. Kids who suffer from eczema have extremely dry skin and soaking in the detox bath can restore the ph level of the skin.

3. Detox baths contain negatively charged ions from vaccines that help flush out heavy metals and other toxins away from the body.

4. If you think your baby is having irregular or disturbed sleep patterns, I highly recommend giving them a detox bath with lavender infused bath salts.

5. Detox bath can beat stress by increasing GABA, the neuro-transmitter that boosts mood and have a calming effect on the nervous system.

6. Detox baths does a great job in promoting the overall health of your child by boosting the body’s immune mechanisms. My kids fall sick less after I started giving them detox baths.

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