7 Reasons to Give Your Toddler a Detox Bath

It scares me to think about the number of toxins our kids are exposed to every single day!

Detox baths are an easy effective and natural way to help get rid of the toxic accumulation in the body.

Detox bath soaks are very simple and can be drawn using Epsom salts, Baking soda, Essential oils, some recipes even calls for clay, essential oils or ginger.

A warm detox bath can provide congestion relief when our little ones are down with a cold. Diffusing essential oils like Lemon oil during the bath can also help fight cold.

Cold & Flu

If your kids are complaining about sore muscles or body-ache due to a cold or flu, a detox bath can be very relaxing.

Detox baths are an effective topical treatment to repair the damage on eczema-prone skin. Kids who suffer from eczema have extremely dry skin and soaking in the detox bath.


Vaccines contain heavy metals like aluminium,Monosodium glutamate and Thimerosal (Source) that can build up on our babies body systems.


Detox baths contain negatively charged ions that help flush out heavy metals and other toxins away from the body.

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