7 Potential Causes of Cold During Pregnancy

If you notice other symptoms like runny nose,headache, fever, sore throat or a cough, then it is better to give your doctor a call or even a visit to make sure there is infection.

It was so hard for me to believe that feeling cold can be one of the common symptoms of pregnancy.

The more is researched about the more I found that that many moms feel unusually cold during their first and early trimesters.

Nausea can really bring your mood down and make you feel so weak physically. It kills your appetite and your nutritional intake takes a hit.


If you are Trying to Conceive (TTC), you might be very familiar with Basal Body Temperature and how it rises and falls all through ovulation to early pregnancy.

High Basal Body Temperature

Even though your baby is so tiny,your body is working over time to develop your baby which leaves you exhausted.


According to health line, one of the common symptoms of low blood is dizziness along with pale, cold skin.

Low Blood Pressure

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