7 Effective Natural Labor Inducing Strategies

It can be stressful as you are approaching your due date and you show no signs to labor whatsoever.

Inducing labor is a serious decision and should be discussed with your midwife or doctor before you attempt inducing labor at home.

If you have a healthy pregnancy, doctors generally will wait until two weeks past your due date before discussing induction with you.

Squats and lunges can help the baby drop into the pelvis. Although be careful not to overdo it, you don’t want to be exhausted when the actual labor starts.

1. Exercise

Human semen contains hormones called Prostaglandins, which can dilute and soften the cervix in preparation of labor. Orgasm also releases Oxytocin, which helps the uterus to contract.

2. Sex

To massage your nipple, you can either use your hands or a suction silicon pump. I would avoid using electric breast pumps as you don’t want to over-stimulate your body too quickly.

3. Nipple Stimulation

Practice some relaxation techniques like listening to positive affirmations, meditation or even sleep can help prepare your body for the upcoming labor.

4. Relax

Certain foods are touted to help bring in labor. While there is no guarantee that this might work, it doesn’t hurt to try delicious food.

5. Foods

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All material provided is for your information only and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Please consult your doctor.