7 Causes Why Your Toddler Needs a Detox Bath

It scares me to think about the number of toxins our kids are exposed to every single day!

Our kids are growing in a relatively toxic environment than we did. There was a recent study that found out that many kids urine tested positive for BPA.

Detox baths are an easy effective and natural way to help get rid of the toxic accumulation in the body.

If your kids are complaining about sore muscles or body-ache due to a cold or flu, a detox bath can be very relaxing.

Cold & Flu:

Kids who suffer from eczema have extremely dry skin and soaking in the detox bath can restore the ph level of the skin.


Vaccines contain heavy metals like aluminum, Monosodium glutamate and Thimerosal that can build up on our babies body systems.


If you think your baby is having irregular or disturbed sleep patterns, I highly recommend giving them a Detox Bath.

Better Sleep

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