5 Reasons Why Breastfed Babies Won't Drink Bottles

It is no secret that babies prefer the real deal ( boobies) than a knock-off bottle any given day. You can’t blame this for this.

Breastfeeding is more than nourishment for them; it provides comfort and gives them a sense of safety.

Babies are more prone to accept a bottle at the early stage of life, and it gets harder and harder as they grow up.

When your baby turns two or three months old, they start to lose this reflex and would have to make babies gain more control over whether they want to suck or not.

1: Age of the Baby:

So they will view a bottle as a toy, chew on it, kick it left and right and start crying when they are hungry.

2. Confused:

They might not like the feel, texture or the design of the nipple. Babies might even have a problem with the flow of the nipple.

3.Preference :

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