5 Reasons Breastfed Infants Refuse To Take A Bottle

Bottle-feeding comes with its own set of challenges and it is equally exhausting. That too, trying to transition a breastfed baby to a bottle is painstakingly hard.

I tried switching my babies who were exclusively breastfed to bottle-feeding and they freaked out at the look of the bottle.

They both refused to take a bottle as their lives depend on it. If you are on the same boat and your breastfed baby refuses a bottle, don’t lose hope.

Experts say that babies less than three months have ‘Suck Reflex.’ Newborn babies have an inherent nature to suck on a nipple, a finger or a pacifier when offered one.

1: Age of the Baby:

When your baby turns two or three months old, they start to lose this reflex and would have to make babies gain more control over whether they want to suck or not.

It can be confusing for babies when they are suddenly given a bottle to feed on. They are used to get food from mom, and that’s what they except.

2. Confused:

Eventually, when they do figure out how to suck on a bottle, they might not like what they are getting.

3.Preference :

Breast milk has a slightly warm temperature when fed from the breast, while the pumped milk in the bottle may be cold.

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