5 Helpful Milk Duct Cleaning Techniques

Clogged ducts, albeit painful, is very common and typically heals itself within a week. Clogged ducts is no reason to stop breastfeeding.

This is when you should be nursing on time and on-demand. The most effective way to cure engorgement is by letting your baby empty your breasts.

Breast engorgement can make it harder for your baby to latch on. When your breasts are hard and full, the nipples are flattened out, and hence your baby might struggle to latch correctly.

I found hand expressing less painful than using a pump. With manual expression, I can find lumps or clots in the breasts and gently massage over these spots to drain them.


I know how much you want to give your breasts a break but continuing to breastfeed is the best for yourself and your baby.

2.Breastfeed on time or on-demand

I suggest applying a hot compress and hand expressing just before you plan to feed. This will relieve some of the stiffness from the breasts and makes it easier for your baby to latch.


Using cold compress between feeding can help mitigate pain. Many women swear by the power of cabbage leaves.


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