15 Lactation Enhancing Foods for More Milk Supply

There are so many natural ways through which you can boost breast milk. The best way to increase supply is by pumping and breastfeeding often.

If you are doing that already and looking for more ways to help your body produce more milk or more nutritious milk then eating a healthy breastfeeding diet is a big part of it.

While all healthy food is right for you, some foods are believed to stimulate more breast milk. Here is a list of top ten foods that are used in many traditional cultures for nursing mamas.

A Bone broth soup is nutrient dense, easily digested, packed with minerals and vitamins needed for the body. It is also a delicious way to keep you hydrated.

1. Chicken Bone Broth Soup

There is something very comforting about taking a lot of soup in postpartum; it is hearty, wholesome without making you feel bloated.

2. Fish and Green Papaya Soup

Oatmeal is a favorite food to increase milk supply. Oats are full of good protein and essential minerals and vitamins like iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

3. Oatmeal

The easiest way to get the benefits of barley is by making porridge or adding them to a soup. Barley water is also a common way to include barley throughout the day.

4. Barley

Garlic is a regular part of our diet, if you are consuming garlic for the first time, take it slow, maybe try a clove or two while making sauce, soup or curries.

5. Garlic

Ginger has incredible  anti-inflammatory properties that will promote healing to your postpartum body. Ginger also adds a distinct flavor to your milk which might be welcomed by your baby.

6. Ginger

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