12 Diaper Caddy Must-Haves For Easy Diaper Changes

Newborn babies Eat, Poop, and Sleep most of the time. You will be spending a lot of your time feeding them and wiping their bum all day and all night.

To make our job easier, I always recommend becoming as organized as possible to make feeding and diaper changes as effortless as possible.

I know you are probably tired of your growing baby essential list and more inclined to skip little things like setting up a diaper caddy.

Well, of course. It goes without saying. I used cloth diapers, so I would have a day’s worth of pocket diapers stuffed and ready to use in my caddy.

1.Diapers :

Disposable wipes usually come in a resealable package, or else you can keep some in this sealed wipe container that prevents them from drying out.


You can use it for both disposable wipes as well as for cloth wipes. I think this can be especially convenient for nighttime diaper changes because using warm wipes won’t bother your baby.

3.Wipe warmer:

Giving enough diaper-free time, using chemical-free diapers that don’t irritate baby’s skin and using a natural diaper cream will go a  long way in preventing diaper rashes.

4.Diaper Cream :

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