Bumgenius 5.0 is the latest version of Bumgenius pocket diapers. Bumgenius 4.0 was a staple in my cloth diaper stash.

I have at least a dozen of these diapers and when 5.0 came out, I went and bought another dozen. #treustory.

Mainly because bumgenius pocket diapers are easy to use and the fit was phenomenal on both my kids.

If you were searching for reviews of pocket diapers looking for the best diaper, then I highly recommend trying BumGenius 5.0.

They are the most raved pocket diapers by moms and dad alike.

Here is my review of bumgenius 5.0 pocket diapers.


Bumgenius 5.0 is a one size diaper, meaning it is meant to fit newborn babies until potty training.

The 5.0 is a classic pocket diaper with 3*3 rise settings which can be adjusted to small , medium and large sizes. 

According to CottonBabies (the makers of BumGenius), the smallest rise fits from 8-16 lbs, the medium rise fits from 17-22 lbs, and the large rise fits from 23-35 lbs

The suggested weight range is from 8 pounds to 35+ pounds. 

Just like many one size diapers the bumgenius pocket diapers may not fit your newborn right from the start.

It didn’t fit my babies. But, my babies were tiny and were around 5 pounds at birth.

If your newborn is around the suggested weight then you might be able to use it.

Because OS diapers can look bulky on a newborn, many parents prefer to use a newborn cloth diaper before they switch to a One size diaper. 

Features : 

Bumgenius 5.0 has many great features that makes me this my favorite diaper.

This is one of the diapers I grab quite often.

I send these diapers to daycare as well.

Stretchy tabs:

Bumgenius are known for their unique stretchy tabs.

You can see them in their elemental, freetime and flip diapers.

These tabs are unlike the tabs you would see in any other diapers.

The stretchy material in the tabs helps you get a snug fit around the waist without being too tight. 

Bumgenius 5.0 only comes in a snap closure.

You can still see some older version in the used market that comes with a velcro closure but that?s about it. 

Tummy Panel:

Another feature that I like about these pocket diapers is that they have PUL lining around the tummy.

This prevents wet diapers wicking on the clothes and prevents tummy leaks.

Stay dry Lining :

Bumgenius pocket shell is lined with a microsuede layer.

Microsuede is synthetic stay dry layer that wicks moisture away and keeps your baby dry.

I have also noticed it is easier to remove solid poop from microsuede than a microfleece lining.

Some babies are sensitive to wetness and hate feeling wet, with bumgenius your baby will feel dry as a bone even when the diaper is fully soaked.

Back Flap :

If you take a look at the picture below, you can see that there is a microsuede flap at the rear end of the cover.

Microfiber can really absorb all the moisture if placed next to the skin directly.

It can dry your bay?s gentle skin and can irritate the skin.

The extra layer of fabric makes sure that the insert remains tucked in and your baby?s skin is not directly exposed to microfiber. 


Elastics :

If have heard a lot of complaints regarding bumgenius elastics becoming relaxed and needing replacements soon.

Bumgenius particularly addressed this issue in 5.0 .

Their newer elastics are stronger and bounces right back after being stretched. 

Personally, I never had to replace any of my 4.0?s elastics and I had used them for 3 years with my son. 

I am guessing that?s because my kids have thin chicken legs and the elastics weren?t so stretched anyway?

Either way I am so glad with the changed elastics in 5.0.

Thumbs up for the brand for listening to their customers.

Absorbency  :

The bumgenius pocket diaper comes with two microfiber inserts – the newborn insert and one size insert. 

Newborn insert: The newborn insert is only one layer of microfiber. In my opinion, it doesn’t hold much on its own.

I have mostly used them as a booster in addition to other inserts and never used it alone. 

One size insert: This insert comes with 5 layers of microfiber . With 3 adjustable snaps you can adjust the length of the insert.

Take a look at the pictures below on how to use the snaps on the inserts. 

When the one-size insert is folded and snapped down, you can place the the folded portion at the front (for boys) or at the back (for girls).

Microfiber is not an Eco-friendly fiber.

Microfiber is good at wicking liquids quickly however, they don?t hold a lot of urine. 

They are also prone to compression leaks.

If you try to press a fully soaked microfiber dish cloth, you can see that they water will start to ooze out.

Same happens with a wet diaper, when babies start to sit, they put pressure on the diaper, makes the urine leak and wick to the clothes.

Natural fabrics are not prone to such compression leaks and holds more liquid  than microfiber. 

For these reasons, I wish that Bumgenius would give  us a choice to purchase their covers only (like how they sell Elemental Joy) and combine them with an insert of our choice.

The best thing about pocket diapers is that you can use any inserts you?d want.

In my case, my kids outgrew the microfiber inserts and I switched to hemp inserts.

I would pad fold a 3 -ply hemp insert and stuff them inside the pocket.

The flip side is that buying additional inserts on top of the diaper can drive your costs up.

I have not really used these diapers for night time.

Both my kids are heavy wetters are I need specific night time solutions to hold their pee for 10+ hours.

But that doesn?t mean it won?t work for you. 

If your babies are not super soakers, then you can try using 5.0 with a hemp booster for night time to see if it works for you.

Wide pocket opening: That wide and generous pocket opening is what I  love about 5.0.

It makes stuffing diapers so much easier and prevents inserts from bunching in the middle for a comfortable fit. 

The pocket is very roomy that you can effortlessly add multiple inserts or boosters and customize your absorbency. 

Bumgenius 5.0 vs 4.0

Here are the three main differences that I noticed between bumgenius 5.0 and 4.0

New elastics : As I mentioned earlier 5.0 has stronger elastics that rebounds back to its original shape. This will hopefully silence the complaints we keep hearing about the weak 4.0 elastics. 

Softer stretchier suede cloth: As such bumgenius pockets are wider to easily stuff multiple inserts. WIth the new stretchier microsuede it gets even more seamless. 

Trimmer at the back : Cotton Babies shortened the length of the cloth lining that you would see inside the microsuede back flap. Take a look at the pictures below to see the difference. Personally, this is not a deal breaker for me . I would love the 5.0 with or without this change. 

Price :

24.95 canadian for solids and 26.95 for the prints.


30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.


  •  Stretchy tabs for customized fit
  •  Generous pocket opening to adjust absorbency
  •  Microsuede stay dry lining for babies sensitive to wetness.
  •  PUL tummy panel to prevent tummy leaks
  •  Improved elastics that is more durable. 


  • Mircofiber inserts that may not provide adequate absorbency for everyone. 


Bumgenius just took my all time favorite pocket diaper and made it better and more durable.

I can blindly  recommend bumgenius 5.0 to anyone starting to cloth diaper.

It is such a versatile diaper that will fit great on most of the babies.

The stretchy butterfly tab closure will give  a snug on both chubby or skinny babies.

With the changed stronger elastics bumgenius 5.0 will last longer through multiple kids.

It makes an excellent day time diaper or you can stuff it with a booster and use it for night time.

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