Masculinity is , and has always been associated with strength. Little Boys will one day grow into men that will take on the world, and hopefully have the strength, the wisdom and the heart to make it a better place.

Is it any wonder then, that parents expecting a boy, would choose to bestow upon their child a name carrying the positive meanings of strength? If you are expecting a baby boy, and have come here looking for inspiration, you are in the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of bold and strong first and middle names for your baby boy on the way, and you’ll be spoilt for choice to choose amongst them, but before we begin, let’s talk about the process of choosing names first.

First things first

When we meet someone for the first time, one of the first things we notice about them, is their name. Although we all know and recognize that a book is more than just its cover, however, that first introduction is always important, and always leaves an impression.

Your child will need to use his name again and again at every interaction he takes part of and will hear it being called out by his family, teachers, and friends. So, it is worth taking the time to make sure that you give him a name that he can love and makes him feel comfortable introducing himself.

Unique names can be great, so can common names, and often times names that we thought of as strange or really out-there in the beginning, can grow on us, so that shouldn’t stop us from exploring all possible names.

However, it has been shown that extremely unique names can sometimes be counterproductive and can pave the way for an awkward childhood for your child, so make sure your choice is something you can all be comfortable with. 

Names also carry cultural nuances, so it’s always a good idea to trace the names you choose to their origins and make sure that you can identify and accept any cultural meanings it carries.

Second in line

Next in line, but of equal importance is the middle name. Many would be surprised to learn that up until a hundred years ago, middle names were extremely uncommon! Things sure have changed, as nowadays, it is almost the norm to have a middle name.

It’s important to devote as much attention and care to choosing the middle name as we do the first, as your boy may choose to go by his middle name rather than his first (as many do).

When you are thinking about middle names, use these tools to check if you are on the right track:

  • Do the first and middle names mesh well together?

The best way to test it out, is to try them out, out loud. It may feel silly to be repeating a string of names to the thin air of the room around you (or to an audience of nursery furniture) but it’s an important step, so go right ahead.

See if that sounds good. If you find yourself pausing to catch your breath in the middle, or if the letters jumble up instead of flowing freely, then it’s time to rethink your choices. You will know you have hit the name jackpot when speaking the names out feels like you are introducing your baby to the world; joyful and comfortable.  

  • Is there a specific name or names you and your partner had in mind?

Many times, middle names are family names, that you or your partner’s family have passed down and honored for generations. Other times, it’s the name of a beloved family member, or someone who had an impact on your lives, on whom you wish to bestow the honor of naming your child.

Whatever the case maybe, if the middle name is already decided on, then make sure that it rubs well with your choice for first name. After all, these two names will go side by side on every form, and piece of paper your son will ever sign or initial. Which brings us to the topic of initials

  • Are there particular initials or letters of the alphabet that you were aiming for?

Though it will take time from your busy schedule, your child will one day thank you for thinking about their initials, starting with their first name initial, middle name, and ending with their last name.

If there is an unfortunate word being spelled out there, you can be sure their classmates or college friends will find it. It is better for everyone’s sake if you find it first! Which is why choosing the first and middle names should always be tested against the last name, in full form as well as in initials.

  • Have you considered potential nicknames?

Nicknames are the bread and butter of every little preschooler and can be a parent’s nightmare if the kids find a nickname you dislike. So, make sure you have thought long and hard about all possible ways to shorten the names you choose, as well as any possible nicknames.

It also could be that you prefer the short form or nickname of a name you have chosen, like Eddie for Edward or Harry for Harrison, which is OK too.

Last but not least

Whichever names you decide on, remember, that this is the first of many gifts you will give to your child, and it is a gift that will last them a lifetime. Make sure that you know all and any meaning in the names you choose, and you choose to put together, as this gift will set your child on his future path, and can show him how much you love him, forever and a day more.

This name will go with him into adulthood, so make sure the cute name for your baby boy will still be great for a grownup man. Watch out for Contradictory meanings that can spoil the best of name combinations, so make sure that you give the process time and take a deep look before you make your final choice.

If you and your family are finding it hard to decide on a name, do a little test drive. Starting with your first choice, use the name repeatedly when you talk to your unborn baby, testing out the feel of it as you do so.

Narrow down your list (and your husband’s) to a top selection, and test the names, exclusively trying one at a time. You may not agree on all the names, but eventually you will arrive at the name or names combinations that rings true for you both.

Without further ado, please find our choices for strong boys’ names below

First and Middle names for Baby Boys:


  • Adam Greyson
  • Aiden Blake
  • Alexander Liam
  • Aaron Thomas
  • August Brent
  • Andrew David
  • Austin William
  • Arthur Luke
  • Axel Jaxon
  • Ashton Bruce



  • Blake Austin
  • Brian Dylan
  • Brock James
  • Bryan Dean
  • Bruce Vaughn
  • Brandon Lee



  • Cade Thomas
  • Connor Ryan
  • Cole  Preston
  • Colton William
  • Caleb Fischer
  • Charles Brent
  • Chase Vincent
  • Christian Blake
  • Carson Andrew



  • David Vaughn
  • Dean Connor
  • Dorian Vance
  • Damien Grey
  • Dylan Christopher
  • Dominic Cade




  • Frank Lucas
  • Frederic Lawrence
  • Franklin Everett
  • Fraser Thomas


  • Gabriel Dylan
  • Gavin Hugh
  • George Lucas
  • Grey Parker
  • Greyson Prince
  • Graham Oscar


  • Hudson Leo
  • Harrison Fraser
  • Henry Thomas
  • Hector Vincent
  • Hugh Randall
  • Hayden Chase



  • Jayden Grey
  • Jaxon Lewis
  • Jax Anderson
  • Jude Cole
  • Justin Blake
  • Jonathan Reeve
  • James Brian
  • Jake Lucas





  • Maddox Alexander
  • Malcolm Hugh
  • Mason Hayden
  • Mathew Preston
  • Milo Thomas
  • Miquel Gregory
  • Michael Greyson
  • Murphy August
  • Myles David





  • Oliver Parker
  • Oscar Noah
  • Orion Liam
  • Owen Nathan
  • Odin Brent


  • Parker Hudson
  • Preston Hugh
  • Prince Ryder
  • Paul Ryan



  • Quintin Leo
  • Qadir Jonathan



  • Randall Blake
  • Ray Johnathan
  • Rhett Grey
  • Riley Oscar
  • Rhyss David
  • Rowan William
  • Robert Colton
  • Roman Trevor
  • Ryder Lewis



  • Sean Ryder
  • Sullivan Brent
  • Sawyer James
  • Simon Everett
  • Shane Caleb



  • Thomas Leo
  • Trevor Noah
  • Troy Aiden
  • Tony Adam
  • Tristan Liam
  • Travis Andrew
  • Tyler Hudson



  • Ulmer Blake
  • Ulysses Ryan



  • Vincent Andrew
  • Victor Charles
  • Vince Christopher
  • Vaughn Greyson



  • Wade Preston
  • Whyatt David
  • Walker William
  • Winston Jonathan



  • Zachary Blake
  • Zane Brent
  • Zayd Jaxon

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